Good for resting from the screen every now. Large outdoors have a lot to offer, but there are times when you are trapped inside because one or other reasons (like a pandemic soaring). Board games are a fun way to gather everyone around the table to get involved in several group runawats.
My family has a night board night every week for a little more than a year now, and we have found some great family games. This is our favorite, made with the help of my two children, aged 8 and 11. We don’t insert a classic board game you might know all about (or have), like instructions, monopoly, connect 4, scrabble, operation, chutes and stairs, ships War, Jenga, guess who, pician, and risk. For further ideas, see the list of our best board games to play more than zoom.
Updated September 2021: We have added six titles, including HERD mentality, and sushi go!
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One of the first games we played together as a family, Labyrinth was quite simple for anyone to understand. The game board is a labyrinth and you have to collect a set of treasures based on the card you are handling. The fun part is how you can change the labyrinth by pushing one tile to the board and the other of each turn. Carve a route for yourself, but also consider how to block your opponents.

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Explode kitten

This simple cheating card game is easy to take but has a layer of strategy when you try to avoid exploding a cat card. It combines fun elements of classical card games, such as Queen Scabby, and adds a modern twist. There is enough complexity to make things fun, but it’s never so confusing. Art cards feature some cute cats, and not so funny with all kinds of special power to play tables on your opponents. When starting to grow, expansion does a great job to breathe new lives into the game.



It feels a bit strange to play this during the actual pandemic, but the beauty of this game is a cooperative. Each player has a role, and you work together to eradicate four deadly diseases before the fate of humanity sealed. This is often fun, encouraging group communication and strategy. The key to success is taking advantage of the unique ability of each player, and you can complete the game in less than an hour. There are also some deep expansion if your family likes it.

Isle of Cats

Beautifully designed and truly unique, this is an instant hit with cat lovers like my daughter. You have to save the cat and match your boat, Tetris style, to escape from the island before Baddie appears. You need fish to tease them on board, and there are many cards to increase the strategy layer. It could seem very complex at first, but after some rounds everything made sense. We prefer the game full of simplified rules, although the assessment is quite complicated, and you will want to set aside several hours.



Build 5 x 5 kingdom tiles around your castle using tiles drawn randomly connected like dominoes in this light and fast game. Every part of the field that is suitable to score points, multiplied by the crown on the tile you choose. It’s quite simple for younger children to understand but still offer rooms to try various strategies. You can play with up to four players, but we really like it with two.

Tickets to ride

With styling and beautiful steam rules even young people can quickly understand, tickets to ride are extraordinary introductions for more complex board games. The aim is to claim different train routes in the US and Canada using your colorful plastic rail car. You spend a card to claim the route, and there are bonus points to connect certain destinations. The European version adds ferries and tunnels, and there are many other expansion. The only downside is that my wife always wins.


The Chameleon

There is a topic card with 16 words, and dice rolls determine the word selected. One player gets a chameleon card. Their mission is to avoid detection, but the catch is that they don’t know which word chosen. Each player said the word related then everyone chose to try and expose bluffer. This is a fast and easy party game for up to eight players and always has children chuckled happily. Even though you can play with three, the best with more players (six or seven perfect). Some topics can be complicated for younger children, but you can write your own topic card.


My children found this game funny, and we often play it when they were young. This is a simple idea: another player chooses a card and attaches it to your headband facing it out without letting you see it. You have limited time to ask questions and look for who or who you are. We used to play today’s version in college by writing on cigarette papers and attaching them to head to each other, but this version is truly family friendly.