With summer here and vacation on the horizon, it’s time to start shopping. For those who in your life who like space and night matches, Space.com has been discussed. We have kept their eyes peeled for board games related to the best room to launch your table to the last limit.
Look below for some of the best board games and offer this summer.

Star Wars: X-Wing – The Force Awakens

Get the game “Star Wars: X-Wing – The Force Awakens” Dogfighting for two players. This allows you to engage in a fast and deadly battle between Starfighters, an X-Wing or tie fighters.
Fly, or fly not with “Star Wars: X-Wing – The Force Awakens”. This Dogfighting game will complain your skills against different fighters from the “Star Wars” universe. Templates and style maneuvers make your ship as easy as using style. You can dive into your resistance building with a strategy expansion that focuses on the strategy.

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

The office against the office is a party game for terrible people.
Contains 180 cards for maximum recycling.
Thousands of people have ever enjoyed it!  Box against the office.

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

Mars and Terraforming Expansion

We have not been able to live in Mars, but you can try and make a new earth red planet in the amazing Mars Terraforming board game from the fortress game. At $ 55.73 on Amazon, this game is now a 20% discount from the normal price of $ 69.95, which is an agreement for even a separate space agency.
It’s smart, challenging, and beautifully made and now you can get the Terraforming Mars base game with a 24% discount, saving more than $ 17 at an ordinary price.
Mars terraforming challenges two to four players to change the red planet in the same cooperative and competitive game. The first made Mars past the point of hatred in the megacorporation they won the 24th century. You have to raise the temperature of the planet, make air, build the city and the ocean while managing your resources.
If Mars is not enough, change your views on the selection of this expansion in the basic game, which takes you to the atmosphere to turn off Venus and its surroundings, because the solar system invaders continue.



Save 29% in room-opoly, which takes a cosmic touch on the classic monopoly. Each player chooses a spacecraft to get around the universe and risk their claims on planets in our solar system.
Now 29% off, Space-Opoly takes a classic monopoly format and places it in space. Instead of competing to buy property, you will skyrocket around the galaxy, buy a planet and collect stars and stop it for the ball. Of course, traveling through space can be dangerous. You will face obstacles such as failed launch or leakage in your space clothing.

Battleship outer space

Make your own space power and battle in three dimensions in the cosmic version of this classic sea battle game.
This game takes a classic warship from water and into the cosmos. Instead of trying to sink the ship, you will try to evaporate a spaceship. And while old games are 2D, this game is in 3D. Opponents must look for enemy spacecraft in three coordinates: rows, columns, and sectors. This game includes three vertical sectors, with five spacecraft hiding for each team. Each fleet includes five types of spacecraft similar: Dueler, Tricorn Fighter, Celestial Crawler, Rocket Raider, and Quadron Mighty.
To make a hit, a player calls two of three coordinates (sectors and lines or columns). If the enemy spaceship occupies any part of the room, it will be beaten. After the opponent finds every part of the ship, it “yawns” and exits the game.
With a little more complexity and modern space themes, the force of the war is a pleasant time for the whole family.

Monopoly room

Collect resources and buy solar systems in this space settlement version of Hasbro classic board games.
This is not a monopoly that you remember as a child. Instead of racing around property collection such as Boardwalk and Park Place, you will race collecting the planets in our solar system and their months. The monopoly room is a race to have a universe.
The pieces are astronauts, rovers, spacecraft, and satellites. Of course, the most classic room game – passes away, goes to prison, incidentally, and community crates, all the same. It won’t monopoly without them.

Problems in the month

Trouble on the Moon

It comes to airlock to escape from the moon’s emergency in the Hasbro problem: in the moon edition is available according to the target. Low stock, so message immediately.
The other classic changed cosmic, the problem in the moon made some room themed updates. Instead of trying to get some clumping shaped “home,” you try to get a group of astronauts who explore the moon safely into their airlock. Mostly, playing this version similar to playing original problems. You bring up a bubble in the middle of the board to roll two dice, which tells you how to move.
But in trouble on the moon, one of those who died has a series of actions instead of numbers. Depending on the dead roll, your astronauts may be used as extra safety (as if you get fresh oxygen) or put in danger (like when you experience low fuel). The game also has a series of sensitive space, which allows players to move faster around the board.

The Crew: Quest for planet nine

Quest for Planet Nine

If you like a fantastic room themed game, now is the right time to grab “The Crew.” See the agreement
If you are looking for fun games for older room lice in your life, the crew is the perfect choice. The crew is a cooperative strategy game. Every player is in the Astronaut team traveling through the solar system looking for a mysterious planet nine. With cards and tokens, players need to complete 50 different missions on their way, more and more difficult because the game takes place.
Each mission takes five to 10 minutes, and the game can be taken during several different game games (as long as you have the same team).
With a truly unique plot and a challenge that requires cooperation, the crew makes a fun night adventure. The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine.