It’s about time to kiss (or more right, kick) 2020 goodbye! Because we hopefully waiting for the long-awaited new year to normal, what a better way to get hyped rather than peeking curtains and catch a glimpse of the most interesting board game to come!
I have cooked enough list with a variety of promising titles that might deserve a place on your wishlist. Some of these games are also explored in my Kickstarter case study: how to win supporters and fund projects. Let’s see what’s on the menu 2021 …

Oath: Tawarikh Empire and Exile

We might start with my most awaited game 2021. Cole Wehrle’s Magnum Opus is right on the corner. With the passion of the publication of the Game Leder, the artistic flexion of Kyle Ferrin, and the design pieces of one of the hottest designers of the industry, we have a recipe for success in oath. Throughout the Root and Pamir Pax path, oath is a very strategic, polite and political game that best suits a group of regular players.
This title innovates in heritage design and campaign by taking the results of one game and integrating it into the next goals and settings. Nothing was written or determined before, more precisely the game organically followed a fully controlled meta narrative by the decisions of the players. The effect of the ripple from the action of the player will be felt by all the upcoming games, and they can even keep this interesting historical record in the chronic session journal (included in the copy of the Kickstarter or the possibility of being available directly from the Game Leder).

The One With All the Cards – Funny Party Game (Digital Dowload)

The One With All the Cards – Funny Party Game

Which with all cards is a party game.
Contains 280 cards for maximum recycling.
Including a reasonable game booklet and alternative rules that don’t make sense. Looking for cards against friends.

Kemet: blood and sand

Darling control area, Kemet, has become an established favorite for almost a decade now. In 2021, Matagot would release version 2.0 with a fully updated presentation, increased rules, and new gameplay. The trilogy dudes-on-map of the legendary Matagot has proven value for me with the composure of an extraordinary card and a solid auction style; Kemet is a classic leftover that I haven’t tried, and the blood and sand seemed to be worth the wait.



Hibachi flew a little under the radar when it was recently launched on the Kickstarter, but it seems to turn on all the cylinders as a collection of dexterity collections that are suitable for families. The design is the reimplementation of Safranito 2010 which maintains the fun core served.
Players throw poker chips to large boards in an effort to focus on poker chip holes over the ingredients and bonuses that will assist charging orders. The catch is that your poker chip is also used as a type of blind auction for order design and other privileges. The value of your chip will still face when you throw it to the board, so the combination of skilled throws and the choice of wise chips will ensure that you come out above when the chip is playing and the material is claimed.
Game Grail promises that the remnants of this kickstarter will go to retail (or you can be late promised here), so watch your eyes will fall 2021 if you are hungry to jump at this fun party.

Coffee trader

The Capstone game has run out with a coffee trader’s debut. The heavy euro economy of the wildcatters maker offers more than 650 components that are delicious and full colors including wooden donkeys and plastic coffee beans! More importantly, the design promises fat and interactive competition in the spacious coffee industry in the 1970s.
While we tend to see a more affordable standard version of the game at the end of the road, it is difficult not to be behind an ambitious and beautiful project pioneered by a very capable publisher. If you can’t get enough extensive euros in your life, then this one is no-brainer for any group of 3-5 players.



The Knizia is at another hot line that stretches back to 2017 with people like El Dorado search, Babylonia, my city, and more. Pope riders bring us another team of old-faced Knizia designers, once Stalwart Artist Vincent Dutrait, and a solid publisher grail game.
In this economic race, players must decide how to spend their two actions to turn around when they ride the Pope along the Arctic coast. You can sail forward to claim the biggest treasure for yourself, but you will lose a golden opportunity along the way. Next year, if you have yourself need a simple strategy game with enough tension to satisfy everyone at the table, then you will have trouble betting against Reiner Knizia.

Unforcoated: Bala Help

For serial fans who are inclinent, reinforcements are modular expansion that you never know you always want. This title will include a scenario, unit, and new rules to keep a pleasant roll. Compatible with both guestless games, this expansion even provides 4-player mode and solo for any version owners. While the details are still rare, this series has obtained its right to the title that is not afraid when it initially debuted among the tops of the top 2019 game. Not afraid it will go down as one of my elegant and painful decisions of my favorite deck builders. I love to have more reasons to dive back to this very good system.

Anno 1800


While the game settings are not easy in the eye, Anno 1800 does not need to look extraordinary when boasting talent design Martin Wallace, Brass Creator: Birmingham and vapor age.
Anno 1800 is based on PC games that are popular from Ubisoft, but I am more interested in what Mr. Wallace to make Tech-Tree Building City game. The German version is already on the market, and the initial buzz around the Euro is currently positive.