2021 forms to be a very interesting year for people who play and love board games. 366 previous days gave us the Kickstarter Campaign owned by dozens of genres and often managed to solve many notes.
Frosthaven has 12,969,162 USD promised the project and became the highest-funded kickstarter board game.
Will 2021 break the record again? Will it have innovative board games that will entertain us for years to come? We don’t know yet, but the first announcement has sprung up and there will be more upcoming in a few weeks. We will keep you updated all the time, but while: check what has been owned 2021 for us.

Master of the Universe

If your childhood lasts for 80-90, you must have heard of HE-Man and all the Universe’s franchise Masters. Even though it’s a few decades, it’s still loved by many people and will soon get a new film adaptation.
Recently we have also learned about the adaptation of tabletop games announced by CMOT recently. The publisher promises many beloved characters to appear. This game will be designed by people responsible for Bloodborne and Song of Ice and Fire: The miniatures game.

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against

The basic game is simple, you discuss about 7-10 white answer cards for each player, 1 person pulls a black answer card and read it for everyone to fill the empty part. Everyone except the master question sends their answers to the center, trying to make the most silly, rude, funny, crazy answer they can. The master question reads the question and fills the blank part with the answer and chooses the best answer. The best answer won a black question card and finally taken into account as a point towards the end of the game. Harry potter cards against muggles.

Monster Hunter: World Board Game

Steamfalled games get a very popular Japanese video game franchise that never adapted into a previous desk media. In Monster Hunter each player controls one character that fights with wild wild animals and often uses weapons that vary greatly from the double blade to crazy murder tools such as ax ax (which can turn into a sword).
By beating monster players collect their part and use it to make new armor and weapons. As for board games, we still need to wait more details but large and detailed minist monsters are given.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – Season 3

Batman Gotham City Chronicles – Season 3

Batman Original: Gotham City Chronicles is one of the most successful kickstarter board game campaigns ever. The game has collected more than $ 4,400,000 which is guaranteed by more than 19,000 supporters.
Despite the “second season” campaign, Fanbase from one and only Bruce Wayne was still hungry for more and in 2021 they would get some of their favorite franchises turned into board games.
The 3rd season will introduce many gameplay and quality of life change to make everything more accessible and fun. Creator also promises new solo and co-op modes that are compatible with every scenario released so far. We can also expect new storage solutions and clearly many scenarios and minists describe new events and characters from Gotham City.


Exile is a new project designed and illustrated by Ryan Laukat (close & far, on top & bottom, god bed). The city building game tells the story of those who are forced to stay away from their homes by colossal crystal meteorites and dangerous creatures who arrive along it. After a long time, they seemed to be dying and it was time to rebuild civilization.
Each player chooses characters with their own unique attributes and cards and start working to rebuild one city with other people. This game allows everyone to use the structure and specialist belonging to other players. Even so, gameplay is very competitive, strategic and only uses randomness.

Darwin’s trip

Darwin’s Journey

Tzolk’in and other euro fans are very complex in for gifts here. The popular board writer about Mayans, Simone Luciani, is preparing a new title with Nestore Manggone.
Darwin’s journey will be launched on the Kickstarter in 2021. This tells the story of Charles Darwin who remembers his adventure through the Galapagos Islands back in 1835. Workers’ placement mechanics are used for exploration, collecting and sending your findings to the museum. To be able to do that, you first need to study the locked actions of certain disciplines.

Quantum shock

The quantum box belongs to the horror science fictional genre and allows 2-4 players to work together and experience the story that, according to the initial material, will be very important here.
The game adds a lot of creative actions to the pool that we usually expect from a shared adventure game. Of course, you can move, attack, hide but also jump over the map, use teleport or even as far as manipulate time and space to achieve your goals.
This campaign is 10 long episodes and each takes about 2 hours to finish it. Apart from innovative gameplay, high quality minis certainly made us wait for this project.

Tinner trail

Tinners’ Trail

Remaking games designed by Martin Wallace has become a popular trend in Kickstarter recently. At least because Brass get two crowdfunded editions and they were finally praised by critics and game board players. Immediately another game designed by popular creators will be available in new forms and with very updated visuals.
Tinners’ traces make players become miners and traders who are looking for valuable ore and like in most matches with Wallace, economic aspects play a big role here. The 2021 edition will have a number of players that are more varied, two expansion, and the enhanced rules that make the game much more random.

Provisions: Castaway Chronicles – Episode 3 & 4

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles is a 4 episode length project consisting of euro-style games, where a group of Castaways tries to live in a world inhabited by dinosaurs. They all stand alone but encouraged to play it so that more unique and overall experiences are better.
The first two installments were crowdfunded in 2020 and episode 3 and 4 will come to Kickstarter in 2021. This time, the action took place a little later, when humans finally managed to tame giant reptiles and used their help to do various tasks and discover the last mystery of the island.