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‘Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

-Carl Jung


There is an intrinsic healing instinct within all of us. I am devoted to finding new ways to empower this personal instinct. I strive to create the optimal environment to do thIs work - to help you dive deep into your psyche so that you can hear what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.  There are symbols around and within us, but if you are having trouble seeing them, I offer tools to help you pull them out of the unconscious and a safe space to explore their meaning.

What are the blockages we need to investigated how can we shift our relationship with them in order to bring ourselves closer to wholeness?

I believe it is our  shadow that leads us to our greatest gifts, although when it is buried in our unconscious and we are not actively engaging with it, it rules over us, and can feel paralyzing.  Often, we don't even know what it is that we need to heal.  It is usually the thing right in front of US that we are trying to avoid the most.  Rarely does it simply yield to being fixed. It continues to surface again and again until we are ready to face it, know it, and transform it.  Our suffering is a magic mirror.  Through our journey together we will welcome the shadow in so that we can see it from all angles, accept that it is a part of us,  and begin to unlock and appreciate the gifts that it holds.  Only when we stop trying to avoid our shadow, may it show us its magic.

Through the breath, sound, and experimentation we will dive into the unconscious,  intuitively locate specific shadow aspects that are paralyzing us,  and bring them to the light.

This is a process of awakening, inspiring, fine tuning, and shifting thew authority from our minds to our hearts. Unexpected biographical material may come up that has a sense of threat to our well being.  Memories that are trapped within our bodies may be released to help heal chronic psychical pain. Often we make a connection with the divine may help expose or reinvigorate our purpose. You will not be offered anything that you cannot handle. Deep healing can happen in a surprisingly short amount of time with trust and surrender.  

Private sessions are tailored to the individual. Private, couples, and group sessions are available. Breathwork sessions are between 2-3 hours.

Music by InFINITE CRESCENDO (Carly Jo Carson and Paul Butler)





“Carly’s work is indescribable.She vibrates on another frequency most people are not able to tap into.I have worked with her though various forms of self realization, all of which have led me to access unimagianble depths within myself I didn't know were even possible that have helped me face and release deep pain and grief in order to better understand myself and those around me with more love and acceptance.
Until you have had the privelage to work with her and experience for your self the power and depth of what the human mind is capable of guided by the right person, you cant imagine how little we touch on in our daily existence. Carly possesses a great gift, a transcendental sensibility of the spirit and soul that can only be harnessed through an intrinsic connection to a higher understanding of the universe in which we live. Her work and technique is unique in a way I have never experienced.”


“I’ve worked with Carly for many years, utilizing her various healing techniques - from guided meditation and visualization - to breathwork and intuitive counseling. Carly is a gifted healer whose sessions have helped me overcome my fears and negative patterns and truly evolve into the person I’ve dreamed of being. She enables me to overcome new obstacles, see things with clarity and insight - and challenge myself to constantly evolve throughout every facet of my life. Her breathwork and guided meditations have given me access to the healing powers within my own body and helped ease chronic back pain that had lingered for months. I’m truly grateful to have Carly as a guide, mentor and friend and I couldn’t be happier to continue this incredible journey with her.”


“I thought I was going to be chilling out, relaxing, laying on the floor like at the end of a yoga class. I don’t know how or why exactly, but you had me in tears and on a sonic cosmic journey through time and space and traveling to past generations through my mother and grandmother. I left feeling so cleared and grateful.”


“The depth and power of the deep healing work I embarked on with Carly as my guide was transformative at a core level. The profound work we did has shifted my perspective on many issues that had troubled me in the past - Issues that I thought were so embedded in my subconscious I would forever carry them around on my back like a bag of bricks. Carly is a wonderful guide, it is her true calling not her profession. She cares deeply about the work she does and deeply about about the people who are fortunate enough to find their way to her. She works diligently and mindfully to provide you with a safe and transformative healing experience in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Weeks after our healing session I am in equal parts deeply grateful and amazed at the results that have manifested in my life. The only way I can even begin to describe it is akin to downloading an anti-virus software to my soul, a wrecking crew that has started to rip down the foundations of my false beliefs and ego driven desires. I am still very much a work in progress, aren't we all? But the work has begun and I now see the possibility of a fuller and more interesting life through a very different lens. If you are open, prepared to do real work and have a genuine desire for transformation I can recommend this deep healing work. Through this work and in the care of Carly's very kind, experienced hands many things that seemed out of reach are now right here in front of me. Who'd have thought it?”



“Simply put, working with Carly Jo changed my life for the better, and immeasurably so. Several years ago, going through a rough divorce and suspecting I had a problem with substance abuse, I came to her healing work almost with a ‘why not?’ approach. I’d tried years of psychotherapy, healing retreats, and had read more than my share of self-help books. Some of those things helped, but I still felt fundamentally off course in my life. Knowing her only in passing, I had a sense that Carly was a deeply empathic person, but I didn't really expect miraculous or even measurable results from working with her, but, having tried so much else, I figured, ‘why not?’.

However, miraculous results are what I got. Over two years later, I am sober, grounded, confident, and happy — deeply and truly happy — in a way I have not been my entire adult life. I had to do a lot of that work myself, but without her guidance and inspiration, without her seeing me for who I could be instead of who I was, that transformation, and it does feel and look like a total transformation, would not have happened.

Carly has a deep and caring spirit and a soul wise well beyond her years, and in ceremonies or breath work sessions, in groups or in private one-on-ones, her love and caring emanates throughout the room. Even in a large group, her focus, attention, and empathy make you feel like you’re the only person in the room. 

I was not your ‘typical’ subject for this type of healing. A former hard-charging alpha with a big career, I came to this work with some skepticism and a lot of reluctance, but Carly’s brightness and openness made it accessible and welcoming to me. I’m deeply grateful to her for this. She never judged me for my differences, but always sought to find commonalities in our collective humanity. 

She is truly a wonderful and remarkable human being and a deeply talented healer. Her voice, which you have the pleasure of hearing hours of in her healing sessions, is angelic and moving and deeply powerful. It’s a true treat just to get to sit quietly and hear her sing, channeling whatever depth and wonder she’s spent so many years learning to channel.

Whether you have substance abuse issues as I did, or just feel like your life is stuck or you can’t get out of your own way, I can confidently say that working with Carly is incredibly beneficial and life-affirming. You’ll find yourself on the other side of the work with her with your life greatly improved in ways you likely can’t imagine today.”


“The healing work I've done with Carly has been life changing. First coming to this work was scary for me, but Carly's presence and clarity in sessions helped me feel safe to be vulnerable and open up to profound healing. She keeps a grounded presence and is very intuitive about where to lead next, working on a deep level that leads to meaningful insights and growth. I've always felt guided along in a beautiful way that's lead to lasting and healing discoveries, as well as feeling more connected and present with all around me. Carly guides with sensitivity, intelligence, and lots of love. I've recommended her to friends and family, and anyone looking for greater understanding. Her work is a gift!”



“I’d heard about breathwork before and was always curious about it, but never tried it until that workshop. I must say it was a powerful experience. Carly’s opening introduction and unique twist to the musical lyrics definitely made the journey to the center of the cyclone as illuminating as it was intense! It allowed me the opportunity to uncover and release a lot of shadow baggage revealing my true self. Thanks for your service to the species!”

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Breathwork session at Mercado Sagrado