July 13 - The New Paradome

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July 13 - The New Paradome



with Sibyl Buck and Carly Jo Morgan

July 13th - 10AM - 5:30PM

The New Paradome

Topanga Canyon, CA

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DEEP SPACE with Sibyl Buck and Carly Jo Morgan

July 13th — 10AM - 5:30PM

Please join us for an afternoon of meditation, yoga, breathwork, integration and more.

Chef Vanessa Ehrlich will be serving a delicious organic farm fresh lunch.

The breathwork experience will accompanied by experimental recordings by Infinite Crescendo (Carly Jo Morgan and Paul Butler) and live instruments to help guide the journey. Breathwork allows us to dive deep into our psyche so we can hear what our own inner wisdom is trying to tell us.  What are the blockages we need to investigate in order to bring us closer to wholeness, connect with our gifts, and awaken our soul's purpose? An awakened soul is crucial for finding ways to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life.  This is a powerful process of shifting the authority from our minds to our hearts.  So much emotion, direction and information lies just beneath the surface. This is an inward experience. You will be lying down with an eye mask on for the duration of the workshop. 


$250 (includes lunch and nourishing tonics)


The July 13th session will take place at THE NEW PARADOME / Topanga Canyon, CA

Address will be sent out to attendees.


Please bring a journal/pen, pillow, blanket and water bottle. We have comfortable mats as well as eye masks for everyone.

Please wear comfortable clothing.