Breath Workshop / Topanga / Tuesday May 14st 10am-12:30pm


Breath Workshop / Topanga / Tuesday May 14st 10am-12:30pm


Transformational Breatwork:

Breaking through our suffering to allow us to 

show up stronger and more active 

for our world that is in need

A guided journey with breath and sound

Wednesday May 14st

10:AM-12:30 PM

At a private residence



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How do we keep from losing all hope?  There is an overwhelming sense of despair that is being felt by so many of us as we witness our planet and so many suffer in these times. To be discouraged means 'to lose heart, to become disheartened'.   In this radical time of collapse, we need to turn to the deep resources of the soul in order to find renewal, inspiration and direction.   The world needs us to show up, and the best way to do that is to clean out our pipes- clearing any emotional blockages that may be paralyzing us from using the gifts of our hearts to help heal what needs healing all around us. 

Breathwork allows us to dive deep into our psyche so we can hear what our own inner wisdom is trying to tell us.  What are the blockages we need to investigate in order to bring us closer to wholeness, connect with our gifts, and awaken our soul's purpose? An awakened soul is crucial for finding ways to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life.  

This is a powerful process of shifting the authority from our minds to our hearts.  So much emotion, direction and information lies just beneath the surface.

This particular style of breath work was inspired by Stanislav Grof, although aspects of it differ from Holotropic breathwork. It is accompanied by loud experimental recordings by Infinite Crescendo (Carly Jo Morgan and Paul Butler) and live instruments to help guide the journey. This is an inward experience. You will be laying down with an eye mask on for the duration of the workshop. 


This will be taking place at a private residence.

Address will be sent out to attendees.

Please bring a journal/pen, pillow, and blanket. I have comfortable mats to lay on as well as eye masks for everyone.

Please comfortable clothing!